Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Social Media Class

Today was my last Marketing via New Media class in UCSD. I feel like I learned a lot and special thanks to Becky who is very successful in her field and very good teacher. After this class, I start to think about I can look for a job in that field either in my country or in the states. My internship in Point Loma Community Bank is about a marketing project via social media. I opened a fan account on facebook and twitter page for them. They are so glad now.This kind of practical classes are so useful for us for using them in real work life. I would recommend this class to everybody. Thank you Becky Carroll and thank you all my classmates.


  1. You are so very welcome! I am glad you got a lot out of my class and you have applied it to your job. Let us know where you end up, and put your recommendation out on LinkedIn or Facebook! :)

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